Dragons Abode

Dragons Abode 2.2

Fight against Evil wizard and destroy the stones that keep people terrorized
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The Master of Dragon is an evil wizard that is terrorizing Knightshirr city population, you help them and cross the river to reach his castle and destroy all the stones to finish the terror of this region. The main objective of this game is to destroy all the stones that keep people oppressed and liberate them from the master of dragons evil. In this game stones are moving to the top of a column, you must destroy them before they reach the top or you will lose. Form groups of three or more identical items to destroy stones, collect jewels and destroy all the items over a stone to complete your task. Each level and task will increase the number of items and stones in your screen. This game is a timed challenge where you must complete your task before the time is up or the game will be over.
This game allows you to play, to check scores, to set options like music, volume and full screen, you can check credits and you can exit the game.
In order to play you must move your mouse over the stone of your selection, click over it with you left mouse button and move over an adjacent tile to swap them and form groups of three or more.

Birgilio Rivera
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